A verse for morning inner work.

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

✨Free Download ~ Waldorf Verse on wet on wet watercolour✨


So it’s taken a little longer to get this up to the blog! I did want it up last night but I couldn’t get the scanning quality right!


This verse has been such a beautiful part of my morning inner work, and helps centre me each day, focusing my love, warmth and light before the day begins. I thought in current times it would be lovely for everyone to have this beautiful verse. If can be saved to your phone, or you can print it as I have done here, lovely for a playroom, or bed side table, a little reminder of the words as you rise in the morning and go to bed at night.


The verse which I came across online a long while ago and then in the book ‘The Incarnating Child’ by Joan Salter reads....

Into my will,

Let there pour strength,

Into my feeling,

Let there flow warmth,

Into my thinking,

Let there shine inner light,

That I may nurture this child,

With enlightened purpose,

Caring with hearts love,

And bringing wisdom,

To all things.


There is a cursive and printed version, available in a pages document that allows you to resize, the fixed version fits a small frame 8” x 6” like I have here with a mount. Click on the free downloads tab and it’s in the Artwork folder.


I will be popping the original artwork without the writing on my Etsy shop this week, if anyone is interested in purchasing it please DM me.


I hope you all enjoy this little download and it brings some inner strength love and peace. Reflect deeply on each sentence and let the words flow through you!


Peace and love.


K x


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