Exciting things are coming soon to The Way We Waldorf!

So sometimes, life has a funny way of working out. Sometimes, against all our efforts, try as hard as we might, it has its own ideas.

Just as social distancing came into effect, I was so excited and thrilled to have my registration visit for Ofsted. They cancelled, and so here I am - what feels like a lifetime later, frustrated and finding finances difficult, trying to figure a way to middle through my days and support my family whilst I am waiting to start my kindergarten.

My friends , and those I know through Instagram have been an amazing source of support and inspiration and with the time I have had in lockdown like so many others, I have found an outlet through my new blog...and through my beloved hobby of painting. I was sat the other night with my husband discussing my plans and how I could use my time to do what I love, to share what I am passionate about (everything Steiner) and to make a little money to support my family and provide for my children along the way.

The last couple of days I took the first step in this journey, and from July I am so excited to be able to offer monthly packs with original seasonal songs (and some old favourites thrown in), verses, crafts, recipes, stories, articles about early childhood and Waldorf inspired families and original illustrations like the one I worked on over the past couple of days (pictured here) for the seasonal table. All downloadable and beautifully presented, I hope which will form a keepsake - so they can be printed stored and brought out year after year.

Now I know how much financial pressure there is these days and I want to find a real balance between providing quality beautiful resources which help me financially but are also great value for you too. I’ve popped a question on stories if you can take a look.

I will be running a competition for three people to win six months of packs nearer the time and I will also be offering free quality content still here on the blog!

I hope you have all had a lovely day and have a lovely evening

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