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So this post has been long in the making, I have a few posts I have been trying to get out for months (no kidding, its so surprising how long simple’ things like this take me to compile) which I am determined to cross off my list this week. Somewhere between mummy, wifing, housing, working and and everything else I just cant find the time sometimes to sit for a solid hour and gat her together information, my health hasn’t been the best but its improving, so I’m finding that, along with my new work rhythm is helping free up some time.

I have had so many people for sooo long ask me for a recommended list of books, websites etc where they can do some extra reading and get some direction, I would say one thing is that children are so absorbed in the world, the best start is there, enjoy being absorbed in what they are absorbed in, share in their experiences and you can’t go wrong really, but i know as a reader myself its reassuring that we have a ‘direction’ and as waldorf education is so deep and rich a subject, sometimes only books will suffice in deepening understanding of it. I apologise wholeheartedly to those people who have waited for this post and hope it is helpful.

Parenting and Early Childhood

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge, Nurturing Children from Birth-Seven by Barbara Patterson.

This was one of the first books i read and gave me such a gentle yet deep desire to delve further into the Waldorf approach, Barbara has such a great way with words and this book is always a great one to go back to when you need a little focus or pick me up.

Heaven on Earth, A Handbook for Parents of Young Children by Shafira Oppenheimer

This book is so wonderful, its warm, reassuring and has plenty of ideas which help you incorporate the foundations of waldorf early childhood education into your home, the great thing is it does recognise that it is your home and speaks to you on a parent level.

Seven times the sun: Guiding your child through the Rhythms of the day by Shea Darian

A great book about rhythm and how to incorporate it into your day, it has some original songs in by the author too and has been well thought out for certain daily points.

Simplicity Parenting: Using the extraordinary power of less to raise calmer, happier and more secure kids. By Kim John Payne

One of my favourite books, full of ideas for a calm, nourishing and happy home.

Extraordinary Parenting by Eloise Rickman

Although not Waldorf per-se Eloise‘s book contains such valuable insights into parenting for change. Eloise sees parenting as a radical act and her book certainly inspired confident, calm and compassionate parenting which is truly beautiful.

Their Name is Today by Johann Christoph Arnold.

A book of tribute and of deep reverence to children this book looks at a changing world and how we can ensure that we can defend the right to joy and wonder in childhood

The Incarnating Child by Joan Salter

A good book which delves into ‘incarnation’ looking at the development of the child from a spiritual and soul perspective and key aspect of Waldorf Education. There are some points in this book I do disagree with but nonetheless is was an interesting read - and I have since began to read on a more deeper level about children's drawing and incarnation.

Waldorf Education Introductory Books

The Kingdom of Childhood by Rudolf Steiner

I would consider this a great introductory book for those wanting to delve more into Waldorf Education, this book is compiled of seven lectures given by Rudolf Steiner (the founder of Waldorf Education) in Torquay, England, to a group wishing to open a Waldorf School. One I go back to again and again.

Task and Content of Steiner-Waldorf Curriculum by Kevin Avison

Covering all the grades (so age 7+) this is a great guide for those considering home educating, I bought this book as a way to get into the future mindset for when I home educate my daughter and to also enable me to design guides which are faithful to the waldorf approach.

Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy 1 and 2 by Rudolf Steiner

A great book, following the basics of Waldorf Education in the Kingdom of Childhood to go deeper into the Anthroposophical foundations of it.

Beginning Well, Care for the child from Birth to age Three by Pia Dogl, Maria Rischke and Ube Strub

A book from the Pikler association, Emmi Pikler is well respected within Waldorf Early Childhood and her research and ideas form the basis of respectful and cooperative care in early childhood, this book which I read recently is a really great overview of the approach. an amazing podcast, Ashley is a Waldorf Alumni and her guests can help delve into and explain so much reading can take hours to do


Theosophy by Rudolf Steiner

A great introduction to what forms the basis of Anthroposophy and a book which gave me so much to reflect and think about. This thus far is the only book specific to anthroposophy I have managed to read, bit I am looking forward to expanding the list in 2021.

Courses UK based teacher training and early childhood, rudolf Steiner house in London also runs workshops for those wishing to learn more UK based offers courses in early years and parenting at their school in York. Eloise offers her signature course ‘A Beautiful Childhood’ as well as ‘Rhythm in the Home’ these courses are not strictly Waldorf and delve into other pedagouges, but the focus is on happy parents and happy children, finding what works for you which may be a mixture of approaches - and what more could you want than that! This wonderful site by Suzanne Down is the place to go for storytelling and puppetry resources. Suzanne has a lifetime of experience in storytelling and puppetry I have yet to undertake one of her courses but I cannot wait to be able to. The Sophia Institute offers great online introductry courses to Waldorf as well as higher level learning for teachers. Offers great art tutorials and lessons in geometry etc for parents wishing to learn to guide their child or for the child themselves. Courses and materials based around the research and work of Emmi Pikler.

Other places I use for information

I am not one for blog reading, mainly because I like to process and digest source information myself. Therefore I have found the following sites so valuable In discovering and learning more. Has a range of publications and books (some free PDFS in particular the books I mention above) Great for books, e books as well as free PDFs of past articles which have been in publications in the USA, just search your topic you are interested in and a wide variety of resources (and some full books are there too) I find here I can often get some more specific publicaltions on anthroposophy and specific areas related to Waldorf Education Books and information on Anthroposophy in the UK.

This list is by no means exhaustive, I will add to and republish this post as and when, but I hope it has given a good frame from which can be built on. I’m currently reading a lot about indigenous people, about lost faith and cultures which I really do think will inform the way we connect to and celebrate the world in my home. As I go about this I will also add a post for that too - I feel this sits well alongside Steiners ideas of bridging gaps between great chasms that have formed amongst human beings with differing beliefs etc.

For now I hope this is helpful! Brownie points for me that Ive finally got this post on after about 6 months haha.

Peace and love (and onto the next post for me)

Kelly x

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