Some words on taking care of ourselves

You know it’s so easy when browsing through social media to lose sight of the real world, and to sometimes hold ourselves to standards which are not even attainable by the very people who’s posts we are looking at. I’ve had so many messages today asking how I have managed to keep the children occupied whilst not well, how I have managed to keep the house running whilst I have got better. In short the answer is I haven’t. This photo I took whilst feeling a little better but still not 100% I took the little one in the garden, she wanted to be pulled up and down on a sledge, after half an hour of this I was back feeling rubbish and spent the next few days completely out of action. To get well, I’ve looked after myself, we’ve eaten microwave meals, I’ve let technology (the TV) occupy tiny minds for short bursts when needed whilst I lay on the sofa and tried to feel half human before having to go on the school run, I’ve spent hours in bed surrounded by laundry and mess and all that is fine,the children have survived and enjoyed the switch in cuisine, the little ones brain hasn’t imploded, my husband hasn’t felt too stressed trying to balance all this and work (he’s currently working from home full time) and the laundry finally got ironed today. The important thing is I am here and heathy. Around 7 years ago, I didn’t listen to my body, I tried to carry on being the ‘perfect’ mum and wife and ended up with a long stay in hospital with pneumonia over Christmas. My body made me stop. I had no choice in the matter. So now I am kinder to it. I guess what I am trying to say to all out there especially at the current time when flu season is upon us, is we all must do whatever we need to to get through the day sometimes. We are all human and we need to really look after ourselves now more than ever and it is SO important our children SEE us do this! In a world where time is money, where we are fed the idea that we are more successful if we go to work taking a few tablets rather than spending much needed time in bed, where working overtime is a normal job requirement and quality family time can feel like something we earn when successful at work. We need to take it slow and be kind to ourselves. Behind the screens we are all just human beings, just families and individuals. Let’s not forget that ☺️ ❤️ Peace and love

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