Travel to Greenland and visit the Greenlandic Inuit, learn more about the wildlife and customs of the Inuit people who live in this icy and frozen part of the world, explore through PDFs and a Pop up playset. This edition includes:


Welcome and learning notes PDF


Travel Journal PDF

Read about our adventure to Greenland in a Journal format, read about the the country and its rich eco system, The Inuit, their rich heritage, way of life, crafts, clothing and customs


Craft with me PDF

Follow an illustrated guide to immersing yourself in some Inuit inspired craft. Carving, printing, make an Inuksuk and some ice lanterns inspired by the region


Language PDF

Read an Inuit inspired sotry, and get to grips with some basic phrases in Greenlandic Kalaallisut


Dine with me PDF

Enjoy a simple Greenlandic meal to immerse yourself in the culture and play a selection of Inuit songs from the linked Spotify playlist 


Animals PDF

Learn about some of the animals native to the area


Maps PDF

Place the journey in context to the world map* with a map of Greenland


Tickets PDF

Follow the journey with travel tickets, a Greenland flag and stamps to add to your passport*


Pop up and Play Set PDF

A printable play set with scenery, an Iglu, people and animals.


*Bonus materials included in every pack, a printable passport and world map to track your journey.


10% of the sale of this pack I will be donating directly to IWGIA Greenland  to benefit the lives of those we are learning about with this pack : defending Indigenous Peoples’ land rights, promoting inclusion in climate action and participation in local and international decision-making processes


I will publish confirmation of all donations on my website at the end of each calender month starting Jan 2021. 


Most beneficial for children aged 5 years + although some activites have been made suitable for younger children so siblings can share in the experience

Pop up and Play - Travel the world with me - Greenland and the Greenlandic Inuit

  • All files are in PDF Format 

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