Autumn Celebration Ring for the Dining Table

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Bringing the outdoors in has really been a process I have been enjoying over the summer, Cutting fresh flowers from the garden has been one of my anchors for mindfulness this summer (and my garden is no Chelsea Flower Show so it has been a challenge at times!)

This weekend gone, we went for our first Autumn Walk to a local lake, there is a beautiful memorial forest there, and we walked peacefully amongst the English Oaks and Scotch Pines, amongst many other species of great british trees.

Whilst out we found some pine cones which we brought home for the dinner table. It feels so lovely to keep treasured jewels, little memories at our table and I loo forward to collecting more natural treasures through the season.

What is your favourite tree in Autumn? Im really undecided at the moment!

K x

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