Autumn Wax Resist Watercolour Painting

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

"Today Red, the magician, is going around. Very soon Yellow he's found and made him Orange without a sound"

Wax resist paintings are a really magical way to engage young children, before their eyes a myriad of colours and shape appears the paper floods with colour. The experience of colours mixing in a fluid form on paper is not only mesmerising for children it has a calming quality which brings them to the present, marvelling and the nuances in colour, the movement and changes of pigment as they mix. You may wish to softy say a rhyme (see above) if you are using red and yellow for example, for older children the telling of a story will bring the process alive!

The process of setting this up is quite simple, using a white crayon, or candle stick/stub, draw images onto paper...make sure you are in an area you don't mind getting messy and if you are bothered about mess on clothes either make sure your child is wearing something for the purpose. Unless the room us warm and the child is comfortable I wouldn't recommend removing clothes. As human beings when we are cold we cannot properly feel comfortable and absorb into activities properly, therefore a warm and comfortable child will feel much more able to deepen their engagement in an activity.


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