Beautiful Family Moments

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Our little dining space. Small and sweet and extendable. Sociable - being in the kitchen, a place where we have had big family meals, small intimate dates with my husband. Nourishing mealtimes with the children.

We’ve really worked on our mealtime Rhythm as a family this past year. We eat by candle light - we start and end out meals with song. One of the most enjoyable and surprising things has been the flowers and plants I pick fresh for the table from our garden.

The garden which I always thought was so empty had given such a beautiful array of flowers and plants, I have such a deep appreciation for it now, in all its forms, spring through to winter, this simple act has given me so much pleasure.

Have you had anything take you by surprise this year, or is there something you would love to include in your family rhythm?

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