Christmas Thoughts and Dreams

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The gifts have been unwrapped, food has been eaten in copious amounts for which we are so thankful for. Our little playroom became a temporary dining space, where family came together to eat, laugh and make memories. The little chalkboard indeed came in handy for a lengthy game of Pictionary.


These new few days of rest with my family, will no doubt bring more reflection on the year past and I already feel energised and motivated to start the New Year - my home based kindergarten will begin this year, and with that comes the opportunity to create memories with my family, to further my learning personally and professionally in Steiner. To really start to focus on who I am and how I can strengthen that person and be the best I can be.


The last decade has without a doubt been a tough one personally for me. But I go forth into the next one knowing it’s going to be amazing, and with hope and love it’s going to bring forth all our hopes and dreams.

Here’s to hope, love and happiness to you all.

K x

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