Into the Meadow

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Oh to be lost in a sea of yellow,

just for a short while.

To gaze on skies of blue,

listening to the laughter of you.

The warm sun shining down,

kissing cheeks, pink like roses.

Meadow grass, tickling our toes and noses.

Flowers for the bees, for the table. Buttercups underneath your chin.

Laying beneath the vast open sky.

Trains, snails and elephants in the clouds passing by.

Oh to be lost in a meadow so yellow,

Just for a short time.

Listening to your laughter, knowing you are mine 💛

~Kelly Ellis-Radahd~

I am always looking for ways to capture memories, in photography, in paint, poetry, song and stories and today was a beautiful one. Just a small moment I wanted to freeze in time.

I wrote this poem yesterday to go with the pictures from our trip to the meadow. Words and feelings to frame alongside beautiful visuals of memories.


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