Lavender’s Blue, dilly dilly.

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

One of our most love rhymes here at home and a favourite of my daughters, I decided to make her a hand written card for her birthday and gift it to her with a little posy of fresh scented french herbs from the garden, including the beautiful lavender which is slowly coming into bloom. Here is the rhyme below if you would like to make your own little rhyme card for referring to...

Lavender's blue, Dilly diilly, Lavender's green, When I am king, Dilly dilly, You shall be queen.

Call up your men, Dilly dilly, Set them to work, Some to the plow, Dilly dilly, Some to the cart.

Some to make hay, Dilly dilly, Some to cut corn, While you and I, Dilly dilly, Keep ourselves warm.

Lavender's green, Dilly dilly, Lavender's blue, If you love me, Dilly dilly, I will love you.

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