Storytelling and Waldorf Early Childhood Education

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Waldorf early childhood education prides itself on building a language rich environment through thoughtful caring social interaction, through the tradition of Oral storytelling, of rhyme, verse and song. The Kindergarten day reflecting a rich tapestry of spoken words between children and adults.... When we weave words in everything we do, they take on deep meaning, they connect to experiences, they bring joy.

You can bring this into your homes, with simple nursery rhymes, providing little puppets or props to encourage language development (like here the little one is singing the grand old duke of York with a little puppet), linking certain songs to certain parts of your day, and giving words powerful connections through simple stories.

I’ve had many people the past weeks say how difficult they find storytelling. It doesn’t have to be, it can be a simple re-telling of an event from your childhood, or your child’s childhood, something as simple as the time you went to the park, saw a squirrel and came home and had tea.

I as a child remember the stories my Nanna told me so vividly - more so than all the books I ever was read or have read - the connection a child forms listening to a story from the heart of another is so deep and meaningful. If you don’t already, take the opportunity at bedtime tonight to retell a simple event from your child’s past or yours. In a world so very full of distractions let’s connect like we have done as human beings for thousands of years.😊 Have a wonderful evening everybody.

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