Warm Autumn Seasonal Table

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

As the colours of nature change all around, so is the seasonal table, moving from the rich yellow hues of summer to the warm pinks of autumn. This table undoubtedly was inspired by the pink leaves and flowers from a large bush in the front garden and the somewhat tiny size squash harvested earlier in the week.

I used a naturally dyed muslin cloth for the background, which was dyed using avocado stones. I soaked the fabric in a mordant (soya milk) for three days, before air drying and re soaking three times. Then I simmered avocado stones for around two hours to create a dye bath before adding the fabric and leaving to soak for a few hours on a low heat.

The result is soft, warm and beautiful. The children are really loving the display

Happy Friday

K x

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