A Child’s Eye View

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

A child’s eye view. 👁

I often practice getting on my hands and knees in my playroom, to try and get a child’s perspective, it’s not only great for safety reasons as sometimes we may not notice some hazards, especially with babies and younger children, it’s amazing though for allowing yourself to see and feel the space how a child may.

How does it invite them in? Is it open enough for collaboration? Does it provide space for quiet? Is it warm, nourishing and enriching? Does it inspire imaginative play?

I’ve had wonderful feedback from many people over the months - and I’ve had negative. Some thinking it’s too pink, too neutral, not enough bright colours, not enough pictures.

In this playroom, the child’s wellbeing, the child’s imagination is paramount. It quietly reflects the seasons through thoughtful and deliberate placement of natural, nourishing open ended toys. It leaves room for transformation, it’s walls a blank canvas for the child’s world, it’s soft colour a cocoon for the child to feel secure, to allow them to slowly come into themselves, to deeply engage in their own work of understanding the world, play.

This room, was our dining room, and it has become an extension of the deep reverence I have for children and their right to childhood and play, it’s walls already hold so many memories and I can’t wait for it to absorb so many more.


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