Handmade Beanbags

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Beanbags are so easy to make and they make a great gift for hours of fun. I made these bean bags for a child’s birthday at playgroup.

All you need is some wool felt, a needle and thread or sewing machine for extra speed, a funnel and dried beans, you can use rice if you like or if you are worried about the contents getting wet ceramic baking beads are a great alternative.

How to make them

You don’t need any specific measurements, I cut a sheet of wool felt in half lengthways. I then folded on half to make a rectangle shape. Pin in place and stitch around each side leaving a hole bug enough to enable you to turn the beanbags the right way and able to fill them. If you are hand stitching use a back stitch for extra security. When stitched turn them the right way, and if you feel they require pressing, press them now on a cool iron.

Next fill the bags, you don’t want them full as you want the beans to move about inside. I filled mine just over half way. Finally close the hole you left with an invisible stitch. (If you are not sure on stitches a quick google can give you some you tube tutorials).

I hope you enjoy this little make, sensory bags can be made in much the same way and filled with dried lavender and rose petals!


K x

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