Homemade Nourishing Wood and Wool Peg and Ring Toy

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

So after renovating the home this past 7 months I had a pile of curtain rings left over from our curtain poles we bought. I've been wondering what to do with them for a while. I had bought a solid wood coat rack from a local DIY store (B&Q for those in the UK) it was inexpensive - around £10, watching the little one play recently I realised they could be put to good use as a toy.

The wood already makes this such a nourishing and tactile item to explore, I decided to wrap some of the rings in different coloured wool to give contrast and add an element of warmth.

These have worked great in a little basket together with natural wooden teething rings. As she is older I will change this to support her colour recognition by wrapping the rings in specific colours of wool and stain the relevant pegs to match.

A lovely easy nourishing home made play item, with lots of potential for self directed learning and very inexpensive too!

K x

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