“My nice red rosy apple” Beautiful snack time song.

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

One of the most beautiful experiences at parent child group over the past weeks has been the shared snack time. Together the parents and

children sit down to give thanks, to nourish their bodies with home baked bread and to meet in friendship and conversation. A lovely part of this shared snacktime has been the cutting of an apple to a song.

This sweet little song not only hints at the beautiful processes of growth and life within a tiny seed but also at the hidden beauty of an apple, its star at the centre. This song could be accompanied by the Story of how the Apple got its Star. For this to work you need to cut the apple crosswise! Make sure its nice and Rosy too!

”My nice red rosy apple,

Has a secret midst unseen,

You can see it if you look inside,

Five rooms all neat and clean.

In each room there is living,

Two Pips all black and bright.

Each one asleep and dreaming,

Of lovely warm sunlight.

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