Nesting Birds seasonal table and Making your own Nest

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

What better way to celebrate spring in the home than to make a seasonal table reflecting all the birds nesting around us. This week we have been exploring local birds and so it was wonderful to get in the garden and gather natural materials to make some nests for the table.

We gathered small twigs and long grasses as well as moss, slowly layering them around the edge of a dip bowl pushing them down and compacting them as we went.

The results look really great and we can wait to add some little needle felted birds eggs to the nests over the next couple of weeks!

If you want to have a go yourself, find a good branch to hold the nests, you can always make some play dough or salt dough to stand the branch in! Blossom branches are great in water this time of year as they slowly bloom as the weeks go on!

I hope everyone has a really lovely day

K x

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