Homemade Baby Game - Peekaboo Scarves.

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

When the little one was younger I found myself trying to search for ways in which she could discover and learn about the world, about herself and her capabilities without the barrage of sound or flashing of lights which seems to come with so many modern children's toys. This involved making a lot of my own little games and resources for her to play with.

At an age where she was becoming increasingly interested in pulling things out of containers, of noticing cause and effect. Of the amazing fact that her actions could lead to reactions this simple homemade game was so well loved.

How does it work?

A simple box provides the base of this game, holes are placed in the box, coloured sensory scarves are then threaded through the holes. The trick here is to pull the scarf through and know one end, then find the other end in the box and thread it through another hole, knotting that end too. When baby pulls on one end, the other moves! You can use silk scarves, woolen scarves, ribbon or anything else long enough, just make sure you have double the amount of holes to scarves you have.

This works great for older children for sight words, as the pull a ribbon with a word wrote on they can slowly read each part of the word. Maybe even older children could write down all the words and make a sentence or paragraph!

Cardboard boxes! Endless hours of fun!

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