This Autumns Fireplace

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

So anyone who knows me knows that every turn of the season I am filled with envy for all those with homes which have beautiful big porches and steps to decorate outside their home. We dont have a step and my front door isn’t the least bit desirable at the moment being old, PVC and not in great condition. So our fireplace which we had renovated last year has become my place to showcase the season. When we moved into our home in 2017 we removed the old fire surround to find the chimney breast seemingly falling in, it had to be investigated and fortunately it as not all falling in, it had been filled in (badly) with bricks to close it. We had the bricks removed, cleaned up as best we could the bricks inside the opening and a new surround put in. Because of the condition of the existing chimney we decided against a real log burner and instead installed this amazing electric one which uses steam with a light to make super realistic flames. The builder at the time thought it fireplace seemed ‘too grand’ for the room, but as it was finished close to Christmas he himself exclaimed it was a fire fit for St Nick and that he loved it, and we have ever since, it has provided such a focal point to the room.

The leaves I first dipped in beeswax after cleaning and patting them dry, this year I stitched together in bunches before tying them and gluing them to a stick hung from string which is looped around the fire surround. I love how they almost look they are still hanging from a tree.

Of course we cannot forget the pumpinks, a couple of pinecones and some spare leaves, I feel like a lovely glass of apple punch is in order this evening in front of the ’fire’

Do you like decorating your home? What season is for you?

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