Thoughts on purposeful work

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

This is what purposeful work is all about...enjoying the process these things we call chores...the loaves of bread we bake that sustain us, the homes we tend to which keep us warm and safe, the gardens we tend which bring us joy and connection to the world around us.

I have always made bread alongside the little ones free play, and she’s came in the past and took an interest in mixing the dried flour and yeast, or pouring in the water. Today is the first day she’s actively wanted to take part from start to finish.

The skills she has gained as she adjusted her posture and body weight to pour the flour and water and into the bowl, the determination mixing the two, sheer joy and enjoyment bashing the dough about and squashing it in her hands has been wonderful to witness.


What purposeful work does your little one enjoy doing?

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