Waldorf Play Items on a Budget

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

So not everyone has the budget for all the lovely wooden toys and silks that are so synonymous with Steiner~Waldorf education. In reality in Steiner Schools it’s usually a community effort with teachers, parents and even children contributing to the toys available. Lots of handmade treasures, or locally crafted items. A few tips I would like to pass on this Christmas

🎄Playcloths don’t have to be expensive, I have hand dyed small pieces of cheap cheesecloth with avocado skins, red cabbage, turmeric and carrot tops.

🎄 If you can’t be bothered with all that head to your local charity shops and have a look at the scarves in there, you may find wool, silks and chiffons for a couple of pounds each. I found a lovely one which is ombré blue - and looks like the changing colour of the ocean as it hits the shore. Remember all these items can be used as a dress up in play with a few clips and pins.

🎄If you really want silk, a cheaper option can be to buy silk habotai from a haberdashery or online, they are in a range of colours and you can buy usually half metres the size advantage is one metre would make a couple of small silks, I bought one and a half metre for the play frame I have which set me back £18 rather than the £60 + online

🎄Save any fallen branches now the weather is getting wilder, put them in your shed over winter to dry out, they can be sawn into blocks and given a light sand in summer - great for building.

🎄Wooden animals can be expensive look for simple plain ones with minimal features with no colour, where one figure could be many.

🎄Don’t be afraid to have a go at making something no matter how simple and get creative especially with felt which needs minimum sewing - it can be a fun enlightening journey and your child will only be grateful of the wonderful toys you have made!

🎄Collect shells and stones and twigs and natural items over the next year to add to your play collection.

I hope some of these things help people see that a Waldorf home environment is within budget!

Happy Christmas

K x

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