Waxed Autumn Leaf Decoration for the Home

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

For me Autumn is personified by the beautiful leaves we see all around us, as a child at the park (and still as an adult) I relished running through piles of dry autumn leaves, the sound, smell and colour a magical and multi sensory experience.

As the season quickly changes it has become such a wonderful tradition for us to preserve the leaves in beeswax left from stumps of candles from endless mealtimes , they make beautiful decorations for the home.

First things first, you need to get outdoors, walk down your street, to the local park, go on an adventure to find a rainbow of colour! It’s amazing the spectrum of colour there is once you open your eyes to it all! Don’t forget any twigs you may need to hang them from

Slowly melt your wax. I used a stainless steel bowl which I save just for such occasions over a small saucepan of water. Swiftly dip each leaf in the wax, try and make sure you cover it first time around both sides and get an even coating, then hang to dry (somewhere you don’t mind a little dripping wax).

Once dry they have such a beautiful texture and sheen, hanging them also gives them movement as if they were hanging off a tree! I usually use cotton to tie them to a twig which I hang from the fireplace (see top)

I hope you enjoy this wonderful, simple activity. It’s not only great with children but also lovely as an adult to do for some mindfulness and bringing the joy of nature into the home.


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