New year planning for the vegetable garden

It’s that time of year for me to look forward, past the weeds and empty vegetable beds to spring....what goodness do I want popping up to sustain us this year?

Last year for my first growing season in the garden I think I did really well, we ate from what I grew through to autumn so I was pleased, especially as due to lockdown I had no compost a few soil nutrient pellets and old seeds.

This year I am going to be using age old wisdom from our ancestors for the most part using books such as Moon Gardening (pictured) Maria Thuns Bio Dynamic Calendar and the Moon Garden App on my phone - with knowledge from experienced growers such as @themontydon @shegrowsveg and @tberolz who is hosting a grow along in the USA (community is always nice especially in these times) I feel like I am going to have a good year.

It’s my first year really getting into the rhythm of bio-dynamics and trying this type of gardening and I am excited after seeing how Annie @thechildisthecurriculum has successfully followed bio-dynamic gardening on her little plot.

I’ll do a swipe up link in my stories for a good overview article on biodynamic gardening for those who are interested in a read, there are so many books out there I have started with ones which are simple and straightforward.

Are you planning any changes in the garden this year?

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