🥚 Egg Box Daffodils 🌼

As the suns warmth slowly creeps in I thought I would share a craft ahead of my Waldorf Magic Morning Dew Guide for March.

March is the month for St David the patron saint of Wales and we see more and more the appearance of the beautiful Daffodil.

All you need for this simple craft are;

Egg boxes

Paint (poster paint or acrylic works best)

Sticks from your nature walk

Superglue or a glue gun.

Simply cut your egg boxes, making the trumpet of the daffodil from the peaks in the egg box and the petals from the recesses (swipe to see) you will need to cut another pair of petals for the lid which will stick behind the four petals you have.

Paint everything and allow it to dry, consider adding white or orange to the centre of the daffodil to reflect the lovely variety we were in nature.

Finally when dry stick together your flowers as shown in the image and then place a blog of glue in the back and secure your stick.

Stand in a jar - you can always add some sticky tack or play dough to the base of the jar to secure the sticks in and then fill with rice so they all stand proud.

We had fun with this little craft this morning and we shall be making a few more flowers as the month goes on. I hope you enjoy it!

I wish you all the most wonderful Monday and a joyous week!

K x

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Chinese New Year holds a special space in our home. My two older children are of Chinese heritage. Their father being British Born Chinese. When my marriage ended with their father our celebrations never did and I have cherished and love every Chinese New Year decorating the house with red lanterns, making Chinese sweet bread and eating Hot Pot until we could eat no more.

This years celebrations are very different not seeing friends we love to share the celebrations with but we will make it special with food, board games and crafts.

The lovely thing is this year the little one is at the lovely age where she is aware of these celebrations and immersing her in the occasion is wonderful. The sights, sounds and smells will be within our four walls but we have so much to enrich her experience around the home.

I’ve always been a big fan of real objects for play and exploration rather than manufactured toys and over the years I built a basket of Chinese treasures (all kept in a large bamboo steamer) the textures, the colour and patterns so evocative of Chinese culture - of the tiny shops I visited many years ago in Hong Kong.

I have been working on a Chinese New Year pack, which I have not managed to finish in time this year - but I’ve decided to add other festivals to it and make it a year round guide which will be available sometime in the near future.

I’m slowly building up a collection of Persian items for Nowruz a celebration which I can’t wait to build on as part of the little ones own family heritage.

Do you collect items from your heritage?

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